GWRRA Chapter NC-G is the first Chapter in GWRRA History to...

We have a new tool in our arsenal of educational tools, we will be able to reach a whole new audience and better educate the general public for Motorist Awareness. We can use it to better assist with bicycling events like Tour de Tanglewood, or Operation Red Sleigh.

We want to announce, for the first time in GWRRA history, Chapter G is proud to

have an FCC licensed Amateur Radio Call Sign, W4NCG!!

Because May is Motorcycle awareness month and our Open House is in May, we are going to attempt to set up a "Special Event" station at Cycle Center so we can talk to others all over the world and demonstrate ham radio, bike to bike, and bike to base communications.

Ham radio and motorcycling are hobbies that have far reaching effects both within and outside of their respective communities. By combining the two hobbies together, we can bring the best of both worlds and allow both hobbies to work more effectively for a better, safer tomorrow.